of the face, body, nails
and make-up

Medeor Linea Natura: oils for face and body

Medeor Linea Natura, oils for face and body. Linea Natura by Medeor is a selection of precious natural oils for beauty, face and body skin care. Their versatility of use allows you to create synergies that enhance the effect of treatments and release all the aromatic and healing power of natural active ingredients.

Medeor Professional: remodeling creams

Medeor Professional Line: remodeling creams. Medeor’s Professional cosmetic line is the result of studies developed in the Italmake Group laboratories to fight the most common skin blemishes such as cellulite, adiposity, sagging skin, through a high concentration of active ingredients of plant origin.

Medeor Nails : nail products

The Medeor Nails & Eyelashes line offers a wide choice of gels to rebuild, lengthen, strengthen and decorate nails in a perfect way, without damaging them. The range is completed by a line of products for acrylic reconstruction, accessories and equipment.


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Claudio Noto make-Up

A complete line of top quality make-up, signed by the star make-up artist Claudio Noto, which enhances the beauty and femininity of every woman’s face.

Italmake Technology: Machinery for face and body

The cutting-edge technology of Italmake Group has produced latest generation machinery for slimming and body remodeling, and for rejuvenating the face.

Medeor Eyelashes

A line of high quality professional eyelashes to enhance the look with extensions.

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    MEDEOR is our new brand of face and body beauty products. With years of experience in the professional cosmetics sector, we provide beauty centers and spas with a line of creams with incredible slimming power; precious natural oils with regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties for the skin of the face and body, and more.

    We enrich the offer with a fine make-up line by the famous make-up artist of the Stars, Claudio Noto.

    We also offer over 100 shades of professional gel polishes, nail care products, accessories for a perfect manicure and eyelash extensions.

    But we don’t stop there. From the research and innovation of the Italmake Group laboratories, we sell and rent latest generation machinery for slimming and body remodeling, and facial skin rejuvenation.

    Our mission is to make every woman rediscover her natural beauty, and to make her feel extraordinary and confident in every moment of her life.